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Going online? It can be a scary prospect trying to create a website on that crazy world wide web. However, it sure doesn’t have to be! Here at Socialwise, we want to give you the tools you need to make that initial leap and Create a WordPress Website.

Firstly, we will go through the basics and get you up and running in our step by step guide. By the end of this Create a WordPress Website with Blacknight blog series, you will have a fully functioning website, which with the addition of some functionality, has the scope to go as big as you want it!!

So here’s what we will cover in this How to Guide…

  • Getting your domain and adding hosting with Blacknight
  • Downloading a CMS (Content Management System) to your domain
  • Picking a template and adding to your domain
  • Add the Elementor editing plugin to your CMS (Helps to individualise your website)
  • Set up a Blog page
  • Publish your website

In addition to our content, we will be linking companies that we work with, and are tried and tested. However, there are many other companies out there. Some of which will get mentioned as alternatives (if we deem them worthy!!!) 

Getting your Domain & Hosting

And we're off!

Firstly, this step is more about decisions than hard work. A few things to consider when getting your domain are: Do I want a .ie, .com, .net. etc.

For example, we personally have a .ie. There is a little bit more work to getting a .ie with regards to verification, but in other words, this makes them a more reputable domain. You will have to prove your links to the Island of Ireland (Passport, License etc.) or if setting up for a business give your relevant tax details. However, it is all pretty straight forward. There are a list of accredited registrars for .ie domains and this brings us squarely on to who we use:

Why Blacknight?

Blacknight are an Irish based company, using servers located on the Island and offer a range of domain choices from .ie to to .me, the options are plentiful!

Their customer service is second to none, and that’s speaking from experience!! The fact that they are in your time zone is one major bonus. In addition to this you can raise a ticket, or start a live chat (with a human) once you have your account set up. I will touch on this again later. 

In addition to this, there is also the bonus that all of their plans are scalable to your needs. In other words, you can start off with their low-cost minimus package and as you grow your online presence you can scale up as you wish.

Are you convinced?

If you want to check them out for yourselves and see if your domain is available just hit over to Blacknight or click the banner below. On their site, enter the domain in the search bar. After that, it’s a step by step process which we will guide you through.


First job is to click the magnifying glass to search for availability. After this you will be directed to the below results page.

Once you have got a domain you are happy with, firstly add it to your cart and then click view cart.

After that, you will click the ‘add hosting now’ link. You will then be brought to the package options.

With hosting, it is very dependent on what you are setting up.

If you intend on setting up E-commerce right off the bat then we would recommend the Blacknight Maximus Package. This will have all the resources you need. If you were lucky enough to outgrow those resources, the beauty of Blacknight is, you can scale up and their top level customer service will help you along the way.

In this instance our plan is to help you create a wordpress website with 2 to 3 pages with the addition of a blog. Therefore, their most popular Minimus package will be perfect and at €49.95 for the year is excellent value. (Again, if you outgrow this plan you can upgrade at any time)

Click ‘ADD TO CART’ and then go back to view cart where the final steps will be completed.

Next we configure a few things. 

Blacknight offer a Backup option which is automatically checked. Just to be clear, at €23.88 for the year, this is great value. but in this instance we are going to leave it unchecked as we are trying to keep your initial outlay to a minimum. 

However, If you do want the security of this from the off and the convenience of worry free back ups leave this checked as it is good value for money, but we will leave that decision to you.

You can add this at a later date in any case and there are free plugins available with WordPress which will do the job too. These will take some effort and configuration but the choice is yours!!

Once you make that decision continue to Step 2, and we will configure your domain details.

As you see above, leave Step 1 unchecked and Click next.

From here, you choose who you wish to register your domain to. Each option will require a verification document based on your choice. (If you are registering something other than a .ie the process will differ slightly.)

Once you have picked your option, click ‘NEXT’


In this step, you can upload one of the relevant documents from the list. There is no way around this, but as a result you have a more secure domain!

Then click ‘ADD NEW CONTACT’

You will now see this form. Fill it out as required and click ‘ADD CONTACT’ at the bottom of the form which is just off screen. (We’re nearly there!!)

Now you are heading back to the Checkout. Here you will agree to the T&C’s. (Feel free to have a read through obviously!!)

Next, you will add your payment method at the bottom of the page and secondly ‘PLACE ORDER’

Part 1 Complete!

And congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your own domain and hosting package with Blacknight.

You will receive an email from Blacknight with what to do next. Just follow the links and finish the set up of your account.

After this, we will add the domain to the hosting package and then add WordPress to the domain. (It’s easier than it sounds, don’t worry!)

We are well on our way in the Create a wordpress website with Blacknight blog series, so be sure to stick with it.

We hope you are enjoying the journey so far, but the best stuff is yet to come.

Click here for Part 2 – Adding WordPress CMS to your Domain

If all of this so far seems like WAY too much work for you, we offer the Socialwise Starter package below from €499. It cuts out your need for subscriptions, we provide the added extras needed and you end up with a top website. Get in touch for more info. 

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