Create a WordPress Website with Blacknight Pt 2


Adding WordPress CMS to your domain

The Journey Continues..

Welcome to part 2 of our blog. If you landed here and therefore missed part 1 then check it out – Create a WordPress Website with Blacknight pt1

However, if that’s not the case, lets get stuck in to the next few steps.

As with Part 1, similarly, there are a lot of little steps involved here. But none of them are tricky and all are very straight forward. 

The first thing we will need to do is log into our Blacknight customer portal. As you see below, click on the MyAccount tab at the top of the page and subsequently you will enter your login details in the entry points. 

As a result, you are logged into your customer area and the interface will be as below.

From this initial home page you will gain access to all of the resources you need. The tabs at the top of the page lead to different areas, for example the help & support area will give you access to FAQ’s with walk through help guides, and you can also raise a help ticket or start a live chat with a staff member (and yes, you will be interacting with an ACTUAL real person!!) from here.

What we are going to do next is click the ‘Hosted Domain’ tab and get to the next area we need.

And this is where we end up. Here click ‘Add Registered Domain’ as in the image above.

Now, as above, 

  1. Enter your domain name here. Leave out the www. prefix.
  2. Click ‘Zone Management’ so that it is selected.
  3. Leave Web Hosting & Mail Hosting as the default option of ‘NONE’. The web hosting is added in a later step. The mail is not necessary for now. Again, it can be added later.
  4. Just click ‘Next’

You will now see a page similar to above. As above, the Web Hosting etc. may not be in sync for you but don’t worry about that. 

Next we will head out to the Home Panel of your account and add the actual CMS (Content Management System) to the domain.

As above, click the dropdown and pick your website. If you only have one domain just click ‘Web Applications’. This will bring you to a list of different Applications as you can see in the next image.

The Application we are selecting is WordPress. Click that and it will lead you to the install page below.

This first page shows that the WordPress App you are installing has access to the required elements as above and will have the two green ticks and say ok. (If it does not have access to these you will have some troubleshooting to do, but this is highly unlikely). Just click next to continue.

Now we need to enter our details. This above all is a very important step, so have a pen and paper to hand. 

  1. Under URL Path, delete ‘wordpress’ so that all that is in the box is / (This is to do with the root directory of your site)
  2. The Login will be set to admin and there will be a pre populated password by default. Change both of these to something you will remember and jot them down just incase. These are your access to your WordPress website and it is vital to get them right.
  3. Under e-mail, it will have the e-mail you added to your Blacknight account. You can leave this as is for now (just make sure it is an email you have access to) The application’s title can just be a short description of what your website is about. Both of these can be changed at a later date if necessary. 
  4. Now, click NEXT and you will be brought to a summary page.

Give this summary page a good once over and make sure all your details are correct. After this, and once you are happy, click FINISH. 

And that is that. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour for the install to finish, but you have done it!! You are now the owner of a brand new website. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

In Part 3 (coming soon) firstly, we will get you logged into your sites back end and get into the basics of the WordPress options and settings. In addition, we will start setting up a website you will be proud of. And as a result, you’ll have a website created all by yourself….with a little guidance from yours truly at Socialwise.

If all of this so far seems like WAY too much work for you, we offer the Socialwise Starter package below from €499. It cuts out your need for subscriptions, we provide the added extras needed and you end up with a top website. Get in touch for more info. 

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